Formian is the name of a software system that is ideally suited for generation of shapes and forms of all kind. The term ‘Formian’ is meant to imply the ‘language of form’. Formian has a convenient algebraic structure and this provides a powerful basis for creation of generic (parametric) formulations that can represent all the required geometric particulars. Formian may be used for ‘configuration processing’ (that is, creation and processing of shapes) in any discipline. In particular, Formian has been used extensively for generation and processing of structural forms. The concepts on which Formian is based are evolved during the past four decades with the concepts being further enriched continuously. This is a feature of algebraic systems that with application they continue to grow and become more mature. There have been a number of versions of Formian used over the years, but the version that has been in use during the past two decade is called Formian-2. This version of Formian is free to download, with the instructions for downloading being given on this page. A much improved, completely rewritten version of Formian is now available. This new version is referred to as Formian-K. This is a powerful tool for configuration processing with many, new User-friendly features. There are five different versions of Formian-K, namely, Evaluation version, Educational version, Basic version, Professional version and Customised version. Information about these versions, together with downloading instructions (if applicable) are given on this page.